Podcast: Different ways to say Thank you in Egyptian Arabic

Ever wondered how to express your gratitude in Egyptian Arabic differently? You keep saying “Shukran شكراً ” and you want to express yourself differently.

This lesson will tell you how to say “Thank you” in Egyptian dialect in various ways to help you level up and become more fluent. Also, it will teach you how how to respond to someone thanking you in Egyptian.

Make sure to listen to the podcast so get the hang of it 🙂

Note: Masculine in blue, feminine in Red


thanks Shukran


A thousand thanks Alf Shukr

ألف شكر

Thanks / male/ female / plural  / very Mutshaker     Mutshakera Mutshakereen  / Awi متشكر     متشكرة    متشكرين   / قوي 
Thank you very much Shukran Gazelan

شكراً جزيلاً


3fwan /
El 3fou

عفواً  / العفو


For what? 3ala eh?

علي إيه؟


There is no thanks for a duty La shoukr 3ala Wagib

لا شكر علي واجب


What are you thanking me for! Bitishkorni 3ala Eh bas / Bitishkorini 3ala Eh bas / Bitishkoroni 3ala eh bas

بتشكرني علي إيه بس   / بتشكريني علي إيه بس / بتشكروني علي إيه بس


Thanks to Allah El Shoukr lillah

الشكر لله


A more religious way to say thank you: 

May Allah reward you greatly (to a male/ to a female / plural) Gazak Allah khair / Gazaki Allah Khair / Gazakom Allah Khair

جزاك الله خير  / جزاكي الله خير / جزاكم الله خير     


May  Allah reward us and you Gazana wa iyakom

جزانا واياكم


May you be safe Tislam / Tislami / Tislamou

تسلم / تسلمي / تسلموا


May you be safe for me Tislamli / Tislamili / Tislamouli

تسلملي / تسلميلي / تسلمولي


May Allah keep you Rabina Yikhalik / Rabina Yi khaliki / Rabina Yikhalikou

ربنا يخليك / ربنا يخليكي / ربنا يخليكوا


May Allah keep you All yikhalik / Allah Yikhaliki / Allah Yikhalikou

الله يخليك / الله يخليكي / الله يخليكوا


May I never be deprived from you / to a male / to a female / plural Mathrimsh Minak / Mathrimsh minik / Mathrimsh minkou

متحرمش منك / متحرمش منِك / متحرمش منكوا


God bless you male/ female / plural Rabina Yibarik fik / Rabina Yibarik Fiki / Rabina Yibarik Fikou

ربنا يبارك فيك / ربنا يبارك فيكي / ربنا يبارك فيكوا


Grateful  / male / female Mamnoun / Mamnouna

ممنون   / ممنونة

I am grateful to you  – from a male to a male / female / plural Ana Momtan lik gedan / ana momtan liki gedan / ana momtan liko gedan

أنا ممتن ليك جداً  / أنا ممتن ليكي جداً / أنا ممتن ليكوا جداَ


I am thankful to your favor – from a male to a male / female / plural Ana Shakir  Fadlak / Ana Shakir Fadlik / Ana shakir fadlokou

أنا شاكر فضلَك / أنا شاكر فضلك / أنا شاكر فضلكوا



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